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We’re always looking for great talent. At Zeus Jones, our staff works together closely, so every new addition to our team makes an impact on our entire culture. That’s why when we bring someone in, we search high and low to find the perfect fit.

Zeus Jones is a marketing and business innovation firm that does work for both established global brands and start-ups. The founding partners of Zeus Jones worked together at Fallon Minneapolis during a time when the agency continually pushed the boundaries of what defined advertising. In early 2007, the partners collectively left the advertising business and came together as Zeus Jones. Five years later, Zeus Jones has grown to 34 people. We’ve been fortunate to be able to bring aboard some of the best and brightest people we’ve encountered during our tenure in the advertising, interactive, and design industries. Now we are looking to add a few more people.

Trivia About the Zeus Jones Staff…

  • Sometimes people run around Lake of the Isles over lunch.
  • Every friday afternoon, we have what we call “Beer and Tell.”
  • The politics of our Sonos queue are very nuanced. Lots of gangster rap.
  • Many of us enjoy ribs. The veggie kind too.
A glimpse of the big table in the summer, when bare arms were actually frequent. We work together. We lunch together. We pop champagne together. When you all work at one table, you really get to know each other. Check out our neighborhood guide, Up & Down Lyndale, to learn more about our area. We might describe one another as “kindred spirits.” Joking happens a lot at the big table, probably because we all have similar senses of humor. The Joneses are all different, but at heart, every member of our staff is a laid-back, hard-working person with a drive to constantly learn new things.

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Our hiring process involves 3 basic steps:

1. Seeing What You’ve Got

We look through stacks of resumes and portfolios to decide who we want to meet.

2. Meeting You

If your work seems like a good fit, we bring you in to meet the staff. We try to have a cross-section of the Joneses meet with you to make it a democratic decision.

3. The Final Test

So your resume is intriguing and your interviews went well. The final test is to come in and present what we call “homework,” an assignment that changes for every person. As you can see, it can be a long process. So, think you have what it takes to keep up with the Joneses?