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Is Big Data Taking Over Business? Five Ways to Embrace Your Common Sense

By: Katie Iwanin

Spend 20 minutes exploring a cool climate change data visualization. Search for the release date 
of Google’s self-driving car. Check how many “circles” you’ve completed on your Apple watch. This is just a typical day for many in today’s data-heavy world. It’s also a paramount moment in culture. Data has never been such a ubiquitous […]

Into the Unknown: Creating Our First Book

By: Beth Larson and Gordon McIntyre-Lee

We’re a group eager to take on new challenges, especially ones we know very little about. The first murmurings of some sort of “annual report” came about on a summer afternoon as we tossed around ideas about how to share more of our work with clients, partners, and each other. ANNUAL REPORT? UGH THAT SOUNDS […]

Out of Left Field – Why We Want Interns with Diverse Backgrounds

By: Claire Dawson and Ellen Schneider

At Zeus Jones, not everyone comes from a marketing background. In fact, a lot of us don’t. (And a lot of us do.) As it turns out, getting as many perspectives in the room as possible, from as many different backgrounds as we can, tends to lead to novel solutions. But finding those people and […]

Nike vs. Adidas

By: Eric Frost

I’ve been a life-long Nike fan. From the pivotal pair of “banned” red and black Air Jordan 1’s I had in 7th grade, I was hooked. Fast forward to today. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 sneakers in my collection. At a rough estimate 85% of those sneakers are Nike. However, as a […]

Not Like Me: How homogeneity impacts our work, and what we can do about it 

By: Sarah Herberg

A few months into my tenure at Zeus Jones, I found myself in a room with a few colleagues discussing Myers-Briggs. After a brief comparison of our respective results on the popular personality assessment, we realized that not only were we a room full of introverts, but a sizable majority of us were also left-handed […]

Welcome to the Age of Otherness

By: Robert Skoro

“We need a multicultural pillar,” a client said to a group of us recently, responding to our initial crack at strategic territories. She was quick – and correct – to call out the missing category in our discussion. For her business today, focusing on one or two key minority demographics is essential, and can require […]

You’re Never Too Big to Be Authentic

By: Claire Dawson

It’s easy to think of authenticity as exclusive to small businesses – the kind that handcraft their wares from a family design and have made them the same way for a hundred years, or that developed a new recipe for a microbrew and put their whole operation together themselves in a basement in Brooklyn. But, […]

The Merging of Cause and Business – And Why It’s Key to Understanding Young Consumers

By: Becky Lang

What comes to mind when you picture a philanthropic business? Do you imagine a company donating a percentage of profits to a charity in exchange for a nice tax write-off? If so, it may be time to think twice. When Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced the birth of their new baby, they […]

Why Brand Transparency Still Matters

By: Katie Iwanin

What was once an objective on every key brand strategy document has become an overused, and at times, a meaningless phrase. Almost like an involuntary reflex, communication became — and continues to be — the most popular tool for showcasing brand transparency. But there’s a better way. At Zeus Jones we believe transparent actions are […]

Do the underlying structures of your company support how value is created?

By: adrian

In their brilliant paper: The hero’s journey through the landscape of the future… Photo Credit: ryaninc via Compfight cc John Hagel, John Seely Brown, Tamara Samoylova and Duleesha Kulasooriya from Deloitte’s center for the Edge describe a massive bifurcation of industries into those that are fragmenting and those that are consolidating. Consolidating industries provide platforms […]