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Design Sprints – Collaborative Real-Time Problem Solving

By: Peter Petrulo

Zeus Jones is built on a foundation of collaboration – with internal teams and with clients – and we’ve always worked hard to find tools and processes that make that collaboration successful. We use these tools to facilitate workshops which help us get to better ideas more quickly, provide the right amount of structure for […]

Why it’s time to start caring about Gen Z

By: Becky Lang

For a long time, the term “millennials” has been synonymous with young people. “What are those young millennials into, and how will that change the way we do business?” But lately when people ask this, I feel compelled to counter with, “Do you mean Gen Z?” The thing is, millennials aren’t all that young anymore. […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Minnesota State Fair

By: Peter Petrulo

We love our state, and that’s a big part of why we take on as many local projects as we do. From festivals like the Aquatennial all the way up to our state’s professional soccer team, the love for all things Minnesota runs deep at Zeus Jones. It’s the end of summer which means the best time […]

Infrastructure For Modern Brands

By: adrian

While the philosophy around Modern Branding is now well trodden, there hasn’t been as much thinking and development around how to implement and operationalize it. Specifically, can a brand operate entirely in a modern way? Can a brand accomplish everything it must without the use of traditional advertising or communications? Can a brand rely almost […]

Breaking Up With Traditional: My Intern Experience at Zeus Jones

By: Kelsey Seiler

After breaking up with your boyfriend of five years people say, “it takes time.” Time to process, time to cope, time to re-learn how to be independent, and so on and so forth and what have you. As a Creative Intern at Zeus Jones, I’ve been going through a bit of a breakup process myself– […]

The 100-Day Project

By: Stacia Burtis

At Zeus Jones I’m more than a designer. I am a strategist, producer, creative, baker, dancer, meal planner, and push-up enthusiast. All of these different roles improve my skillset and ensure that everything I design at Zeus Jones is strategic and purposeful. I feel challenged every single day, but sometimes I miss creating completely purposeless, […]

What Your Wardrobe and Modern Branding Have in Common

By: Beth Larson

As a new mom of a 6-month old, life is busy. Really busy. Mornings are a blur of packing up the day’s bottles, feeding the dog, answering a few quick emails, and somehow managing to pull myself together and not forget my laptop.Thank goodness that “meh hair” is trending. So it didn’t take long, after […]

Towards the Definition of a Modern Business.

By: adrian

An attempt to classify the fundamentals of a modern business

Taking Charge of Your Career: A Creative’s Perspective

By: Laura Nelli

I’m generally not one to shy away from the spotlight, so when a colleague at Zeus Jones asked me to be part of a panel on confidence for an upcoming Mad Women Minneapolis event, I was immediately in! Speaking in front of 50 or 60 people seemed totally doable. But little did I know that […]

Rebranding the Aquatennial

By: Becky Lang

We love our city, so we try to take on projects that show off our local community as often as we can.  This spring the Downtown Council came to us to help modernize the Aquatennial, a historic celebration that has meant many different things at many different times. Today, the festival will be all about bringing people into downtown […]