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Infographic: How Does The Twin Cities’ Advertising Industry Stack Up For Women?

By: Christian Erickson

A few weeks ago we hosted an event for grassroots professional group Minneapolis MadWomen – a group formed by women from agencies of all kinds from all around the city. We pitched the MadWomen group on creating a survey that would inform discussion topics at the event. We also wanted to have some data that […]

Platforms, purpose and the future of marketing.

By: adrian

Image via: On a bit of a whim, Rob and I recently went a conference on Platform Strategy at MIT. We’ve been interested in platforms for a while and have followed much of the published literature on the subject, but hadn’t had a chance to hear, in person, from some of the people who are […]

Brand extension in modern marketing.

By: adrian

I’ve been fascinated by this interview with Barry Calpino, the head of innovation at Kraft, and his telling of the history of Mio. According to most estimates, Mio is estimated to be a more than $200 million business ( in a category that’s worth $800m). However, it was originally planned as an extension to the […]

Our Volatile Relationship with Netflix

By: Becky Lang

  Netflix is a household name, a disruptive force and a prized element of daily life for most millennials. But our honeymoon phase with the streaming service could be winding down. If you want proof of our wavering hopes for Netflix, just look at its stock prices. One week we’ll have high hopes for the […]

Is Gender Targeting Always Necessary?

By: Becky Lang

Literary editor Katy Guest published an interesting article in the Independent on Sunday declaring that the publication would no longer be reviewing children’s books aimed only at one sex. Here’s an excerpt: “Mr O’Mara himself [bookstore owner] told The Independent that theirBoys’ Book covers ‘things like how to make a bow and arrow and how to play […]

It’s Zeus Jones’ 7th Anniversary. Here’s a Look at What The Agency Could Have Been Called.

By: Becky Lang

Naming is incredibly hard. If you’ve ever been involved in a naming process, you know just how much work is involved finding a name that’s meaningful but not overly telegraphic, evocative but not overly clever, and more importantly, not taken yet by someone or something else. To make a client feel better about a naming […]

The Downfall of Barbie

By: Becky Lang

There are many brands out there that probably won’t be around in 20 years. I see them everyday. These are mostly brands that have no chance of appealing to young people, because they’re big and cheesy, unsustainable, or just old-fashioned. Sure some of them will figure out how to innovate, but many of them won’t. […]

Taking Cheerios beyond the #RTMBowl

By: Mike Schmidt

At Zeus Jones, we often talk about the value of conversations between brands and their consumers as inspiration for larger-scale awareness campaigns. Sunday night during the “Big Game,” Cheerios highlighted another key reason for brands to invest in always-on content: to continue the immediate conversations mass advertising has the potential to spark. Although the story […]

The Family Breakfast Project

By: Becky Lang

Cheerios believes that when people come together, anything is possible. And at Zeus Jones, we believe that a brand’s beliefs and purpose can enlist partners and unite them on a mission to do something valuable for people. That’s why we’re proud to announce the Family Breakfast Project – a partnership between Cheerios and The Family […]

Hats for the Holidays

By: Becky Lang

In Minnesota, winters are cold. That’s why whenever we start thinking about our annual holiday gift, giving out something to bundle up in always comes up quickly. We thought about making the warmest socks possible, or the warmest mittens, but then we decided to focus on hats. You can’t get by in Minnesota without a […]