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6 Reasons Why You Might Want to Intern at Zeus Jones

By: Becky Lang

Done with school and looking at internships all over town? Or maybe you’re making a career switch and unsure what kind of company you want to go to. I’m not here to write a post saying that Zeus Jones is the right choice for any and all types of people. But if you love a collaborative “writers […]

Minnesota United FC Joins MLS

By: Brad Surcey

On the day of the big announcement that Minnesota United is joining Major League Soccer, we wanted to share one of our favorite Zeus Jones projects: the rebrand of the Minnesota United soccer team. We were excited to get a call from Nick Rogers in early 2013, asking us to help them rebrand our state’s pro […]

Zeus Jones Design Dept: What We’ve Been Up To

By: Alex Register

Things move quickly at Zeus Jones, and we like it that way. We try to do our work without a lot of fanfare, and, once we’re done with a project, we’re quick to jump right into the next big idea. The downside? We don’t always do the best job of sharing the work we create […]

Prepare + Prosper

By: Becky Lang

What happens when a company’s name no longer covers the breadth of their work? Local non-profit AccountAbility Minnesota came to us to help rebrand their organization after many successful years providing high quality free tax preparation and financial services to individuals and families of limited means. Their many passionate and savvy volunteers and staff had […]

2015 and beyond.

By: Rob White

With the new year and our batteries re-charged it’s always a good time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed next. 2014 was another amazing year for Zeus Jones. We added another 12 people and two new office dogs to the big tables here in Minneapolis. Just as past years, there was […]

Behind the New Totino’s Video with Tim & Eric

By: Becky Lang

We’re excited to see the video we’ve made with Totino’s and Tim & Eric getting such a response. Here are some of our favorite responses: We remember you! This video is part of a much larger project we’ve been working on with Totino’s, to help them go from beloved hot snack to a symbol of […]

Peek Inside a MPLS MadWomen Event

By: Becky Lang

On September 30th, we held a MPLS MadWoman event called “Hacking the Issues,” aimed at talking about what’s really keeping women from leadership in the Minneapolis advertising industry. Our frequent collaborators, Rikshaw Films made an awesome recap of the experience. Check it out to see what goes on at a MadWoman event.

Infographic: How Does The Twin Cities’ Advertising Industry Stack Up For Women?

By: Christian Erickson

A few weeks ago we hosted an event for grassroots professional group Minneapolis MadWomen – a group formed by women from agencies of all kinds from all around the city. We pitched the MadWomen group on creating a survey that would inform discussion topics at the event. We also wanted to have some data that […]

Platforms, purpose and the future of marketing.

By: adrian

Image via: On a bit of a whim, Rob and I recently went a conference on Platform Strategy at MIT. We’ve been interested in platforms for a while and have followed much of the published literature on the subject, but hadn’t had a chance to hear, in person, from some of the people who are […]

Brand extension in modern marketing.

By: adrian

I’ve been fascinated by this interview with Barry Calpino, the head of innovation at Kraft, and his telling of the history of Mio. According to most estimates, Mio is estimated to be a more than $200 million business ( in a category that’s worth $800m). However, it was originally planned as an extension to the […]