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It’s Time to Evolve the Brand Guide (And How We Design for It)

By: Alex Register

The brand book, the style guide, the identity manual – whatever you call it, if you’re a graphic designer you’ve no doubt made or admired these codices at one time or another. And why shouldn’t you? As designers we work in systems, and we want those systems to retain their integrity long after they’ve left […]

Four Principles of Brand Partnership

By: Laura Nelli

Great partnerships are so much more than tit-for-tat relationships, credibility plays or scaling mechanisms. They have the potential to humanize brands, improve people’s lives and make the unobtainable obtainable. They even have the power to shape culture. At Zeus Jones, we’ve analyzed the mechanics of partnership for the benefits that go beyond their measurable value. We’ve found some principles […]

Unicorn Ethics: When Profit & Growth Become Separated

By: adrian

Across large parts of our economy, the basic, common-sense relationship between profit and growth (i.e. that profit is required for growth and that profit leads to growth) seems to have started to fall apart. Small companies in sectors as diverse as technology and food have begun delaying profit in favor of scale and/or sale, while […]

Measuring Brand Purpose: 5 Lessons Learned

By: Sarah Herberg

Most of us at Zeus Jones buy into the concept that the potential impact of purpose is enormous. Most of us have worked on a project where an event, new product launch or PR activation inspired by purpose created a positive change for the brand, business or culture. We thrive on the possibility that a purpose […]

An Evolving Model for Modern Brands – Beyond “Belief, Purpose, Pursuits”

By: Christian Erickson

Zeus Jones was founded on a simple premise: it was time to think differently about the nature of brands. We saw that in an increasingly interconnected world, the old idea of a brand that stood for one thing just wasn’t working anymore. Many of the fastest-growing brands at the time actually stood for many things, […]

Do Business Ethics Matter? Asking The Right Questions For A Competitive Advantage

By: Sarah Lansky and Jessica Nordell

Asking The Right Questions About Ethics Ethics. It’s an intimidating word, one that often seems tangled up between our hopes for how people or society will operate and how they actually do. Oftentimes there’s an attempt to distinguish between “morals” and “ethics,” with an understanding that the former are deeply held personal convictions, whereas the […]

Is Big Data Taking Over Business? Five Ways to Embrace Your Common Sense

By: Katie Iwanin

Spend 20 minutes exploring a cool climate change data visualization. Search for the release date 
of Google’s self-driving car. Check how many “circles” you’ve completed on your Apple watch. This is just a typical day for many in today’s data-heavy world. It’s also a paramount moment in culture. Data has never been such a ubiquitous […]

Into the Unknown: Creating Our First Book

By: Beth Larson and Gordon McIntyre-Lee

We’re a group eager to take on new challenges, especially ones we know very little about. The first murmurings of some sort of “annual report” came about on a summer afternoon as we tossed around ideas about how to share more of our work with clients, partners, and each other. ANNUAL REPORT? UGH THAT SOUNDS […]

Out of Left Field – Why We Want Interns with Diverse Backgrounds

By: Claire Dawson and Ellen Schneider

At Zeus Jones, not everyone comes from a marketing background. In fact, a lot of us don’t. (And a lot of us do.) As it turns out, getting as many perspectives in the room as possible, from as many different backgrounds as we can, tends to lead to novel solutions. But finding those people and […]

Nike vs. Adidas

By: Eric Frost

I’ve been a life-long Nike fan. From the pivotal pair of “banned” red and black Air Jordan 1’s I had in 7th grade, I was hooked. Fast forward to today. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 sneakers in my collection. At a rough estimate 85% of those sneakers are Nike. However, as a […]