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Giving Our Home State’s Soccer Team a New Identity

At Zeus, we are major soccer fans. During the World Cup, a lot of us had the game going constantly on second monitors or TVs while we worked. That’s why we were thrilled that the local soccer team, then called The Minnesota Stars, came to us to work on their branding. They had just switched from being owned by the North American Soccer League to private ownership, and they saw this as a chance to make their identity mean more to Minnesota.

Picking a New Name
The team wanted to change their name to something that all Minnesotans could rally behind, something that would bring diverse groups together to celebrate a home team. That’s why they changed it to Minnesota United, an inclusive name that celebrates our state.

Creating a New Look
We also redesigned all of their uniforms, from what they wear on the field to their warm-ups. Rather than just putting one designer to work, we wrangled all the designers in the agency to imagine what the team’s new identity could look like. We started by examining sports design amongst U.S. teams, and saw a lack of differentiation. Looking at European uniforms, we saw more effort to make the design represent the community that a team belongs to.

We decided to do the same, and whittled our many design ideas down into one that centered on Minnesota’s iconic loon, which has an active, aggressive nature that we thought was inspirational for a soccer team. The design also incorporates a star to tie to their past, as well as a blue stripe to represent the Mississippi river.

The primary typeface was based on a typeface by Eric Olson at Process Type Foundry, whose creations we’ve admired for years.

We hope that the newly branded Minnesota United goes on to do great things.

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