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Taking a Stance in Support of Gay Marriage – A Different Kind of Passion Project

I’ve been at Zeus Jones now for over 2 years, and every so often we’ll do a side project for the holidays or out of passion, like last year’s PROOF whisky tasting experience.

What I always find interesting about our side projects is that they force us to get out of the conceptual, creative zone and into some more basic elements of putting things together. While many of us spend our days writing or designing for products, we often don’t sit and package every single one with our hands. These projects find us in assembly lines, putting things together slowly, organizing heaps of materials and doing the legwork to get them where they need to go.

With our most recent project “For All,” our staff and family members have spent hours packaging up kits of symbolic rings that show you believe marriage is for everyone, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples. All of this time spent putting kits together has also meant quiet time to sit and think about think about what it all means for Minnesota, and for the future direction of America.

I have seen a miraculous change in public sentiment in the past year, with more and more people coming out in support of gay marriage, including our president and companies like General Mills, who we work with every day. To me, this signifies that opposing gay marriage is becoming less of a political stance and more of a civil rights issue. This means that gay rights are not something to be quiet about anymore, to dance around out of fear and diplomacy, but to acknowledge and fight for.

When I was growing up, the kids around me would use “gay” as a slanderous term to intimidate and bully one another. I don’t know if this happens as much anymore, but I like to envision a future where children are actually horrified to learn that kids of the past were raised with such hateful views.

The pain, bullying and suicides that have resulted from the societal attitude that supports this constitutional amendment should no longer go ignored. It’s time to stop treating a whole population of our country like they are second-class citizens.

As Mike Schmidt, strategist at Zeus Jones put it, “This is our generation’s civil rights issue. I’d rather be on the side of progress than be on the side of hate, fear and discrimination.”

So join us in showing your support for gay marriage by wearing one of our For All rights, and using them as a chance to create more dialog around this issue.

You can pick up as many rings as you’d like this week at Zeus Jones. Just stop by our space on Lyndale Avenue and 27th in Uptown, and you’ll see a large For All sign. Help us spread the word and defeat hate.

-Becky Lang

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