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Image via: Fred Babb

Creativity has been in the news lately what with one thing and another, but the continuing measurement of the decline in children’s creativity here in the US got me thinking about how we are probably guilty of doing the same thing within our industry.

We’ve been a big proponent of a lot of this stuff in the past, but more recently it’s starting to become clear that popular concepts like:

  • A push for small ideas
  • Lean or agile strategy or development
  • Optimization
  • Big data
  • Cut and paste
  • Snackable media

…are simply processes and techniques which, lacking an idea or focus, tend to become meaningless. Worse, their prominence in our conversations, debates and presentations, shape the level at which we think. When we only talk about processes,we become process-oriented and when this takes place over a longer period of time, it can’t help but lower the overall quality of thinking and output within the industry.

Perhaps this is why (although I don’t agree with everything he says) Sir John Hegarty has said there is a creative deficit within the advertising industry.

What do you think? Are we making ourselves less imaginative and less creative?

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