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Stories versus structures.

I’ve realised that I want to have another go at Prezi, I think I know why my first few tries with it weren’t successful.

This morning, I watched Scoble’s interview with Prezi’s CEO – Peter Arvai – and then I checked out Chris Anderson’s talk on how web video powers global innovation at TED (BTW does anyone else think that TED needs to turn down the volume on their opening segment?) that Avin tweeted about.

Arvai talked about how Prezi is not just a tool for delivering presentations as much as it’s a tool for creating presentations. It’s really ideal for thinking through structure and for making connections and drawing relationships between ideas. Anderson showed how web video fits into a broader global pattern of innovation across a variety of disciplines.

The common thread between both was that the presentation is not about telling a story – the presentation is about revealing patterns, relationships and connections that allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Those are the presentation I want to start writing.

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