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Friday's Virtual Happy Hour

By Becky Lang

Hey, I can’t serve you drinks over the Internet, but if you’re in this business you probably have one in hand on Friday afternoons anyway. Why not waste time by looking at these Internet snippets I’ve gathered?

If Facebook’s “Like” function were re-imagined.

Picture 108

Picture 109

Typography Served has a “Click to Appreciate It” feature that is modern, clever and surprisingly gratifying to click. (Go to the site, choose a post, scroll down to the bottom and click it. Ah. You’ll want to click another.) This has me thinking about the Facebook “like” function that has suddenly multiplied across the entire Internet. How could it be redesigned to have a voice and aesthetic that fits the changing mores of ethics and style? I wish it was this one. I would “like” things so much more.

Gorilla arm syndrome, my … arm

Picture 110

Wired posted an article explaining how the MacBook Air didn’t have a touch screen because a touch screen laptop gives people something called “Gorilla Arm Syndrome.” I think the best way to get around this problem is to put the touch screen on the bottom of the machine, so it can be used as a keyboard, a drawing pad or just another viewing point for all that stuff you’re multi-tasking on. Or have two touch screens, kind of like the Toshiba Libretto, a “conceptual” laptop whose design will eventually be the norm, if my predictions are anything to go by. You can even turn it to the side and read it like a real book. Sigh. I can’t wait till that concept is taken on by Apple. Then you can have FaceTime in a magical hall of mirrors.

Iron Man Beverage Design


Lately I have noticed a trend of Terrifying Bottle Design on the dieline. People are imagining their favorite sodas and spirits designed like aerodynamic basketball shoes, or medieval torture devices. Is this trend influenced by Iron Man? Do we want shoot our drinks into space? Or use them to club muggers in the head? Maybe I just don’t like this style because it is targeted mostly for men. But gender stereotypes aside, this look uses excess material and takes up excess space. What’s the point, when it’s just Coke?



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