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A Value-Exchange Business Model in 3 Steps

By: Elsa Perushek

Exchanging value lies at the heart of every relationship, and now there’s a clear model for how to bring it to your business. Earlier this month, Adrian shared how Etsy links partners and programs together in a purpose-driven business ecosystem that puts all stakeholders on the same page and in pursuit of one goal. This ecosystem […]

5 Reasons Why Innovation Is Good For Your Brain

By: Katie Iwanin

Innovation is something all companies strive to be successful at in order to stay ahead. The problem with innovation is that it can be difficult to achieve and often involves taking risks. These risks can be daunting – human brains are programmed to seek the most logical, secure path in life. For those who choose […]

How To Create An Ecosystem Around Shared Values

By: adrian

Look beneath the shiny products, services and experiences of the world’s best brands and you’ll find the true source of their competitive advantage. It’s not company culture, although that’s also very important. It’s something far more esoteric: their business ecosystem. An Example: Etsy It’s well known that Etsy has created a “virtuous circle” between its […]

Feeding A Happy City at Mess Hall

By: Elida Holte

Minneapolis, far from being a uniform Nordic culture, is a unique mix of multicultural influences that are actively enjoyed and celebrated across the entire community. As part of our rebrand of Aquatennial, the Minneapolis Downtown Council asked us to help create a new food festival that would highlight the growing multicultural and foodie scene in our […]

When Work Gets Personal: Building Your Own Strategic Framework

By: Ashleigh Penrod

Around this time last year, I was struggling to find my rhythm. My version of work-life integration looked more like work-work integration, and it was taking a toll on my relationships. So I faced a conundrum: how could I maintain the stimulating fast pace of the job I love while making space for the people […]

Redefining How We Measure and Evaluate Scale For Brands

By: Colin Murphy

A question we often work to answer when developing activations with our clients is how we can ensure that they drive adequate scale to positively impact the business. Scale is inherently rooted in the need for “size,” and its traditional definition is the number of impressions needed to reach enough target consumers with great enough […]

Scaling Viral Impressions: A #postitwar Case For Preparation

By: Jen Shadowens

For most brands, viral earned media is more valuable than any other kind of media, simply because it provides the most consumer engagement at the lowest price. And yet, it’s also the hardest to create – the best viral successes have a core element that you just can’t write into a budget: good old-fashioned luck. […]

Welcoming Our Not-Interns

By: Sarah Herberg

A few months ago, we announced a shift to how Zeus Jones thinks about internships. While internships are typically structured as a learning opportunity for those hired on, this program does not stop at being only that (though that is part of its intent). In addition, our goal is for Zeus Jones to learn from […]

Creating the Next Generation of Leadership at Zeus Jones

By: Dave Annis

Over the last 10 years, Zeus Jones has gone through significant evolution, from a startup with just a few employees, to a small company 50 strong. At this stage, a lot of companies pursue one of two paths: 1) grow and sell or 2) maintain the status quo until the founders get bored or retire and […]

How an “Affront to Capitalism” Plans for The Future

By: Rob White

It’s now been ten years since the founders of Zeus Jones got together and planted the first seeds of the company. At the time we had no clients in mind, no clear business model, and certainly no financial plan. What we did have were three ingredients far more important than any of these details: optimism, alchemy […]