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The spark for what is now Zeus Jones happened when a group of marketers realized that the very definition of a brand was changing. No longer was a brand about messaging and perception, but about creating experiences and communities centered on a core purpose. The original partners saw that revolutionary things were happening in marketing, but there wasn’t a single agency built solely around creating modern brands. They decided to start the first one.

Their assets were diverse: The former president of Fallon, HTML savvy, digital creativity, packaging design cred, the list goes on. They didn’t know where it would go beyond CEO Rob White’s general playroom and attic workspace, but what they did know was that they wanted to keep everything lightweight, frugal and flexible while aggressively pursuing clients that were willing to take massive steps forward. After taking on a few smaller projects, they were able to grow their staff and shack up in a small office in Minneapolis’ Uptown area, overlooking a liquor store with a surprisingly entertaining parade of clientele. They soon became known for their democratic big table workspace and lack of traditional agency positions. Everyone was willing to experiment with responsibilities outside of their own title, and it created a fluid work system that enabled constant acquisition of new skills.

After establishing new processes and ways of working with clients, those small projects turned into big ones, and several Fortune 100 companies began adopting Zeus Jones’ modern branding model. The staff was able to upgrade to an even bigger office and bring in even more multidisciplinary talent. Four years since its inception, Zeus Jones continues to grow while striving to keep the values that made their operations successful in the first place.

Modern Brands are defined by what they do, not what they say.                  

Actions speak louder than words. It’s an old axiom, and a tricky one to start a paragraph with. But when it comes to business, understanding this phrase is essential to succeeding in the climate of how consumers work today.

We know that marketing is no longer all about having a catchy slogan and a cute commercial. It’s about creating a brand experience guided by purpose. We help brands build digital communities and real life events where they can actively learn from their customers and provide experiences that keep them returning to the conversation.

Classic branding comes from a mass-media mindset. It creates focus around specific messages to appeal to the largest audience, but ignores many other assets and potential audiences. Modern branding goes beyond just imagery and messages. Modern brands are purpose-driven and use collections of brand assets to have meaningful conversations with many audiences.

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